About the Scheme

The world of marketing has rarely been more exciting, or more complex. As boundaries blur between different channels of communication, a broader view of an increasingly integrated landscape can be invaluable.

At Engine, we believe in transformation through collaboration. Twelve specialist agencies work together to create innovative brand ideas, from offices across the world. Our uniquely integrated model combines brilliant specialists within a creative and truly collaborative environment, and our graduate scheme is no different.

Based in London, our scheme lets you carve your own path. Four placements across twelve months help you find your niche, and unlike some agencies, we won’t force you into a specific role from day one.

Instead, we’ll expose you to as much as possible, so that when the time comes, you can choose the job you love.


You’ll work at four different Engine agencies (based in the UK), experiencing different cultures, colleagues, and clients, all under one roof.

We’ll work with you to select the best agencies for you to work in. You might decide to pick four that complement each other, or go for completely different ends of the spectrum.

As well as choosing your placements, you’ll work with your managers to ensure you’re on the best projects possible for your development. Our scheme gives you the choice and control to really make the most of your first year at Engine.


It’s up to you what you do and where you do it. There are myriad possibilities, so take a look at some of the journeys that our past grads took to get an idea of where you might end up.

You’ve probably got some questions about the ins and outs of the scheme; there’s an FAQ for that. If you’re still curious, drop us a line at EngineGrads@enginegroup.com or tweet us @EngineGrads.


Applications for 2017 are now closed. Applications for 2018’s scheme will open in October this year.