About Engine

Engine is a group of best in class communications companies. There are twelve businesses in our network, operating out of four cities – London, LA, New York and Shanghai. We all share a common purpose—to deliver the best solution, with no competition and no compromise.

Our collaborative model enables us to deliver world-class campaigns that transform our clients’ businesses. Most of us in the UK are based in one building, which means our clients enjoy the efficiency of a shared team under one roof, while our staff benefit from a uniquely enriching culture. If you work in advertising and want some advice on customer experience, you just walk upstairs.

Our clients are some of the biggest in the world – and so are our campaigns. We make adverts for Sky, King and Warburtons. We’re revolutionizing e.on’s business from the ground up. Remember the Paddy Power video with Nigel Farage? That was us. Data, digital, PR, brand, sponsorship, strategy, consulting – Engine has it all covered.

Successful applicants to our graduate scheme become integral to the network of companies that make up Engine. You’ll meet people from all parts of the business, and help join the inter-disciplinary dots for your full-time agency once the year is over. Engine grads know what every company does, and who the right person to talk to is, making them indispensable as colleagues and connectors.

It’s a unique scheme, for a unique company – which is why we’re looking for unique individuals.

Applications for 2017 are now closed. Applications for 2018’s scheme will open in October this year.