Can I choose which agencies I go to?

You can work at any of our participating London agencies. We’ll work with you to advise how to get the best and most diverse experiences out of your 4 placements.

Can I choose what roles (e.g. account management) I do at each rotation?

Many agencies will help you tailor your time with them for the best possible experience, while others may have a more specific role in mind for you. If you’ve a burning desire to try something in particular, you should always ask.

What are the different disciplines?

There is a huge variety of specialisms across the building, but you should expect to gain experience in account management, planning, consultancy and project management.

Which agencies can I work at?

You can choose from WCRS, Deep Focus, Synergy, MHP, Transform, PAA, Fuel, Trailer Park, Slice and Engine Strategy.

What’s an average day like?

Without being corny, there isn’t one. What you get up to depends on the agency, discipline and client. You could be shooting adverts, scoping event venues or assisting in multiagency brainstorms. No two days are the same.

I’ve heard of grads being worked all hours of the day AND night. Does this happen at Engine?

Working hours are very similar between agencies. The norm is 9(ish) to 5.30/6(ish). There will be occasions where you’ll have to put in extra hours, but not too often. You might be helping on a pitch, out of the office attending an event or running focus groups.

What’s the salary?

Competitive, on par with other marketing graduate schemes.

When will I start? 

You’ll start your first rotation on the 4th September.

Are there any extracurricular clubs or activities that I could get involved in?

Yes, lots. Engine’s CSR programme, better known as Our Little Bit, has both internal and external initiatives to be a part of. This includes volunteering days, getting involved in charitable sporting events such as Sports Relief or triathlons, baking cakes, running food & clothes banks or other spontaneous events which generally occur throughout the year.

OLB also offer yoga & massage sessions as well as an opportunity to meet with a nutritionist once a quarter. They also support the Engine softball team and climbing club, both of which are hugely popular. This year, they have introduced quarterly wellbeing workshops, all of which focus on different aspects of physical and mental health.

They are also committed to reducing Engine’s waste, energy usage and transport across the business, and are continually looking for new ways and initiatives which can help them further achieve this.

Any tips for my application?

Be interesting, knowledgeable, and concise. If it’s fun to write, it’s probably fun to read.

What’s the application process?

Our applications are now open. Head here to apply. Applications will close at midnight on Monday 23rd January.

If we like the look of your application, you’ll get the chance to work on a creative brief, using your strategic and creative flair to sell your skills to us.

Successful applicants will then be invited to interview, where you’ll meet the people that make us tick. This is your chance to impress them with your knowledge and personality.

Finally, it’s the graduate selection day. Here, you’ll complete individual and group tasks designed to show the Engine business leaders how you work, create, and communicate.

After all of that, we’ll take you for some well-deserved drinks at our top floor bar.

Can I claim for my expenses?

We will reimburse reasonable travel expenses up to a maximum of £50 against receipts for the interview and assessment centre stages.

What if I have more questions?

If you have any further questions, or just want to say hello, tweet this year’s intake at @EngineGrads. They’re lovely, honest. You can also email at EngineGrads@enginegroup.com.