Grad Year: 2011

Degree: English with Management

Agencies: Synergy, MHP, Transform, WCRS

Your Grad year highlight: Getting to Meet Andy Murray and Perri Shakes-Drayton as part of my time at Synergy. I got to buy Andy’s sushi and hold Perri’s phone on a photoshoot at which we were trying to generate content for sponsors (I got to speak to them too, but it’s funny what you remember). They are both people whose careers I have followed for a long time so to meet them in the flesh was pretty exciting (and a real honour).

Where are they now?: At Transform, being a Management Consultant. The grad scheme made me realize that my heart was in strategy and not just the strategy of marketing and communications but that of business operations and tech

Advice: Be honest with yourself; if it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t. Also, there really is no short cut for hard work and whilst some people admire those who can BS, everyone respects those who work hard.